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Death Magnetic

В рамках продолжающейся борьбы с английским языком получил задание написать ревью на какой-нибудь музыкальный концерт. Об особенностях формата уже писал когда-то, так что просто вываливаю текст.

Review nuevo #5, revisited.
421 words.

Live concerts of heavy metal “Metallica” band are by no means common in Russia. Thus, a real fan grabs the chance whenever he sees it. There was a remote possibility of my making to the Moscow show since it overlapped with my long-dreamt visit to Nepal. My plans had to be bent wildly, yet contrary to all logistics and financial obstacles, I finally did it and “nothing else matters”. The show was definitely worth all the ruckus.

Despite the fact that the event took place in “Olympiyskii”, the immense stadium was unable to host all the fans of the arguably the best metal group ever in existence. To reach the entrance gate, one had to elbow his way through the crowd of his less than fortunate peers craving for a spare ticket. Once inside the building, not only were all the seats occupied but also every aisle, every column and every empty spot was swarming with cheering fanatics who somehow managed to infiltrate past the ticket check and securities. Yet you ought to give credit to organizers that there was no need to fight for the prepaid chairs at least. Finally, after two hours of feverish waiting in the rabid asylum, the show began.

No doubt, “Metallica” can afford to employ the best of the best of the technical staff so even infamous acoustics of “Olympiyskii” could not impair the quality. The sound was impeccable and the visual show was on a par with it. Although the concert was a promo tour of the new album “Death Magnetic”, the musicians adopted a healthy attitude towards their repertoire and made it fifty-fifty between the new songs and the good old hits. Thus, even the real mastodon, like me, was completely happy and satisfied. God bless “Metallica”!

The only fly in the ointment was a post-concert administrative policy. After the band had finally left the stage, only a very limited number of exits were open. Some of the public, including me, had to wait hours on end to be able to leave “Olympiyskii”. Safety first, of course, but this time it was way too much of an overstretch.

On the whole, the concert was a real treat for all the fans of hard rock in general and of “Metallica” especially. The legendary band managed to produce once again the perfect blend of superb sound, impressive visual show and vintage hits. Of course, such a concert can take quite a toll on the visitor’s stamina but a true fan is always ready for that.
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