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Wuthering heights

В жалкой попытке увильнуть от чтения нетленки британской литературы за авторством Эмили Бронте, известной в русском переводе как "Грозовой перевал", посмотрел экранизацию 2009 года производства BBC.


Провал. Может я, конечно, старый уже, да и дефицит X-хромосом в организме имеется, но я вообще не врубился, как такой сюжетец стал мегаклассикой. Книжку, таки, придется читать, это ясно. Тем не менее, некоторый профит от просмотра я получил, написав очередной райтинг (review) в рамках подготовки к CPE.  Каковой, с удовольствием, и вываливаю на ваши головы.

Wuthering heights

Final revision, 361 words.

A 2009 film adaptation of the famous novel by Emily Brontë “Wuthering heights” is neither the first one nor the last. Yet it is of as high quality as you may expect from BBC. Once more, the spectator is being forcibly dragged into the heathered hills of Yorkshire; once more sensitive persons may ask themselves everlasting questions of whether there is love, whether it can fight death and whether it can extend beyond the gates of heaven. Who knows? But who cares?

The plot of the film revolves around inhabitants of two Yorkshire manors, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, that are intertwined with each other by love, hatred, and matrimony. Stripped of the superb, masterly and beautiful language of Brontë, the adaptation gives us a clear textbook example of early English romanticism for all it is worth. Eternal love, betrayal, jealousy, an adopted gipsy-looking orphan, and then some more eternal love, some more betrayal and some more jealousy…

Barring the naïveté of the story and the abundance of the romantic clichés, the movie in question is of superior quality. The setting, the costumes and all the minor details of the early XIX century are reproduced with quite visible love and care. The cast is equally impeccable. The main character of insane yet loving villain Heathcliff is played by Tom Hardy, who hardly needs any introduction. The only love, and at the same time a prey of Heathcliff, Cathy Earnshaw, is impersonated by Charlotte Riley who is no less famous than her partner. The film sets an example of a transformation of a classical book into a motion picture: expensive, straightforward and without any postmodern folly.

Whether this film should be recommended to those who fancy themselves as cinephiles is by no means an easy question. On the one hand, it is arguably the best film adaptation of “Wuthering heights” ever shot. On the other, only the original book may reveal the mystery of turning such a story into an immortal classic. Yet those who have no inclination whatever towards the damsel reading may watch this adaptation as a way of quick acquainting themselves with one of the masterpieces of English literature.
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