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Популярно о науке

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Если вдруг кто-то еще не видел
Статья в "Physical Review Letters":

Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger.

Коллектив авторов реально внушает.

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То неловкое чувство, когда твое фамилия Abernathy, а ты стоишь только четверым в списке соавторов по алфавиту.

Хм я пару лет считал в проектей Einstein@home интересно это както помогло...
А нет не помогло, вот что они пишут
Did Einstein@Home play any role in this? No, it didn’t. The signal in the instrument lasted only about 1/4 of a second. It’s not a continuous-wave signal like the type that Einstein@Home has been searching for. But since the observing run ended in mid January, we have been preparing the data to start a new low-frequency all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves. We are now starting to run this on Einstein@Home, so please sign up your computers and disable their sleep mode! In the next months we will extend the frequency range of the continuous waves all-sky searches, target interesting point sources and we are also gearing up to perform broader surveys for binary black hole mergers.

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