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A Warsaw Melody

И снова английский язык, writing a review. Предыдущий образчик жанра здесь.

В этот раз просили написать о концерте, шоу или спектакле, который меня приятно, либо неприятно, разочаровал. Требовалось, в том числе, описать свои ожидания, причины этих ожиданий и причины, по которым ожидания не оправдались. Не мудрствуя лукаво, я написал расширенную и расцвеченную английскую версию моего русского отзыва на "Варшавскую мелодию".

A Warsaw Melody

424 words.

Take a small theater, a questionable director and a primitive plot, staging just two actors for more than two hours. On top of that, ask a rising teenage-girl-dream movie star of beautiful rather than handsome type to be the main male character. What would you think of such a setup? Quite unexpectedly and contrary to dreadful and unpleasant anticipation, the result, namely “A Warsaw Melody”, turned out to be a brilliant piece of the Thespian art.

The plot is fairly straightforward. The story begins in after-war Moscow where a young Russian veteran of the Great Patriotic War meets a musical student from Poland. They fall in love and want to marry. But the ill-fate, cruel totalitarian regime and bad weather prevent the happy union from coming into fruition. The unfortunate suitor remains in Moscow and his sorrowful girlfriend returns to her homeland. The heroes are doomed to stay apart forever; they each grow older, marry, have children, divorce but never forget each other. And the condescending fates present them once in a while with ephemeral, bitter and dangerous meetings… Straightforward it is.

Famous Danila Kozlovsky played a role of the young soldier. To put it straight, this young actor is solely responsible for my attending this particular play. One fine day my best half expressed her desire to enjoy watching Kozlovsky in a theater, and “A Warsaw Melody” was the closest and cheapest option thus making the choice obvious. A role of the young musician-to-be was played by Urszula Małka, of whose existence I did not have a slightest notion at the time. The only saving grace in the sequence of the adverse omens was the fact that notorious Liza Boyarskaya, the usual partner of Danila Kozlowskiy, had no part in the play.

What a delicious disappointment! The actors’ wonderful work made true passion, unbearable spiritual sufferings and eternal love come alive for the spectators. This is true theater as I see it. No matter what play you watch, who is the director and what genre it is, only the empathetical bounds between the audience and dramatis personae, built by the actors, really matter and this play was the perfect example of such a celestial art.

I contend that “A Warsaw Melody” is indisputable example of stagecraft masterpiece that allows focusing on the very heart of the theater idiom, the magic of intermingling the soul of the spectator, of the actor and of the play hero. “A Warsaw Melody” is a must for each end every theater lover, be it a connoisseur or otherwise.

PS. Справедливости ради, никакой женственности в Даниле Козловском не заметно, это я так, для пущего драматизма ввернул. Весь остальной текст без искажений отражает мою точку зрения на означенный спектакль.
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