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Writing a report

Продолжаю тему штудий письменного английского языка.

Report, как отдельный жанр, подразумевает средне-формальный стиль, не столь холодный, как в эссе, но и никоим образом не опускающийся до фамильярностей.
Структурно он состоит из набора именованных параграфов, посвященных какому-либо одному аспекту рассматриваемого вопроса. Обязательно также наличие введения и заключения.

You work for a firm that organises language courses for students in your town. Your manager has asked you to write a report, recommending two schools which are very different in character, but which both offer value for money. Write your report, commenting on aspects of the schools including size, location, facilities, and staffing (300—350 words).

Мой ответ получился длиннее требовавшегося, насчитывая 381 слово. Это не очень-то приветствуется, но в данном случае перебор вышел не слишком большой. Разумеется, языковые школы, рассматриваемые в тексте, полностью выдуманы.

This report deals with two language schools, Limitless English and Language Fun, which, in my opinion, are the best in our city. Prices, locations and specializations of the schools are considered and recommendations issued.

Location and size
1. Limitless English is a rather small school, occupying a second floor of an old building in the historical center of the city, that is easily accessible with each and every means of public transport. While classes are in perfect conditions and equipped with everything necessary, they are not spacious enough. Most of the rooms can accommodate 5-6 people at most.
2. Unlike Limitless English, Language Fun is situated on the northern outskirts of the city, thus being accessible mostly by the tube. This language school is relatively big and has its own, spacious and modern, albeit slightly neglected, building. A lovely green park nearby opens an additional opportunity of having outdoor classes, providing that the weather is sunny enough, of course.

Specialization and teaching style
Although both schools offer language courses for any level of study, they both have their specialization. Limitless English is focused on hi-end teaching of small groups of advanced students and even proposes courses for professional teachers of English. Their teaching staff consists of very experienced professionals who apply academic and rather formal approach to teaching, most suitable to highly motivated students. Unlike Limitless English, Language Fun is more about teaching beginners and intermediate students. This school relies on young and usually native teachers that employ informal communicative approach, often in large groups. Whereas studying in Limitless English usually requires ample effort, classes in Language Fun are less demanding and could be considered suitable even for those who seek socialization rather than the acquisition of the language itself.

The price at Limitless English is virtually the same as at Language Fun. To be precise, Limitless English is slightly more expensive, which is perfectly justifiable due to their emphasis on the high level students. Both schools propose flexible and convenient paying schemes.

Although the described language schools are quite different, I believe that both of them are of perfect quality and have no hesitation in recommending them for our business proposal. Thus we will be able to offer our clients those language classes best suited for them.
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