Ян (ahiin) wrote,

Шутка, повторенная дважды, становится в два раза смешнее

Вооружившись вчерашней мощной методикой, предлагаю посмотреть следующий абзац того же замечательного текста и вопросы к нему.

Эта задачка заметно проще и техничнее предыдущей.

The stars of the last decade have looked quite different. Soft-focus photography has gone, to be replaced by a style which searches out warts and bumps, emphasises the uniqueness not the generality of the face. Voices, too, are strenuously idiosyncratic; whines, stammers and low rumbles are exploited as features of 'star quality'. Instead of romantic heroes and heroines, we have a brutalist, hard-edged style in which isolation and egotism are assumed as natural social conditions.

What does the writer suggest about the stars of the last decade?

Варианты ответов:
A Some of them may be uncomfortable about the way they come across.
B They make an effort to speak in a way that may not be pleasant on the ear.
C They make people wonder whether they should become more selfish.
D Most people accept that they are not typical of society as a whole.

Предлагайте ваши варианты.
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